Other industries

Greenshpon is committed to uncompromising quality, innovation, customised services and creative solutions, for every application, in every industry.

Dedicated gearboxes – TAILOR MADE GEARBOXES and Turbine Pumps customised according to customer needs

The company specialises in consulting to find technological solutions, development and design of Unique Gearboxes and pumps according to customer requirements – in all stages of development, from Engineering Development, Prototype Production, performance optimisation, Engineering support, performance testing / noise / BACKLASH / leaks and loads, ability to repair and manufature parts through any process.

The knowledge and expertise accumulated in the company is used in everything related to Propulsion Systems, Transmissions, Gears, Snails and Pumps for the various applications and industries.

Our customers’ need for continuous technical and technological improvement requires Greenspan to persevere in improving performance and applications, accompanied by the company’s ability to deliver products in one line that fully complies with our customers’ requirements.

Advanced flexibility and production capabilities enable us to be active partners of our customers in the ability to support the identification of the best solutions that will meet their needs.