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Gearboxes for opening a charge command IDF's Chariot Tank

This Gearbox is designed to open the commander’s compartment in a Mark 4 Chariot Tank. The Gearbox is driven both by an Electric Motor and Manually.

Main features:

  • A snail with two inputs – Motor and  Manual operating handle
  • BEVEL gears with release clutch

Turret Gearbox

This planetary Gearbox is designed to rotate a Turret and bring it to a precise location. The Gearbox was designed according to strict geometric requirements. The Gearbox is operated by a hydraulic motor and also has the ability to operate manually:

  • Planetary Gearbox
  • Possibility to operate by motor and manually
  • Protected output clutch

Linear Actuator

This Gearbox is used in a drone launcher and is designed as a linear actuator for high performance in extremely harsh environmental conditions.

Main features:

  • Snail Gearbox
  • Compact filter
  • The structure of the Gearbox is strong and durable