Worm Gearboxes

Snail gearboxes manufactured by Greenshpon are gearboxes designed for particularly difficult working conditions.

The helical gearboxtransmits motion between the waves whose axes intersect but are not cut.

The snail is similar in shape to a moving screw. It can have a single start or multiple starts, allowing for a large range of transmission ratios at the same distance between the axles and the same wheel dimensions.

The helical wheel is similar in shape to a cylindrical gear with beveled teeth, adapted to the snail’s teeth. For the production of the snail wheel, materials with a low coefficient of friction and abrasion resistance are used.

Snail gears can be obtained with a large transmission ratio, they allow self-braking (the direction of movement transfer is only one) thanks to the similarity between the snail and the screw.

Technical data

  • The gearboxbody is made of shock-absorbing gray cast iron. Covered with ribs to increase the heat transfer area. The lower part is an oil tank and inside it is immersed in the snail assembly.
  • The snail is made of nickel steel – chrome 15CrNi6 chromed and tempered for the surface hardness of 60 HRc. The snail is sharpened with great precision. The snail and the driving wave, form one unit.
  • The standard snail has a right upper degree.
  • A snail wheel is made of excellent quality bronze and cast directly on the navel from gray cast iron.
  • The memorization of the wheel is performed by means of a snail milling with a sharpened profile.
  • Hinges The edges of the waves are sharpened at k6 endurance for diameters up to 50 mm. Defects according to DIN6885 / 1.
  • Bearings All hinges are supported by conical and ball bearings with standard freedom.
  • The bearings are capable of carrying radial and axial loads in combination.
  • Lubrication and lubrication system for all gearboxes including standard breather. Spray lubrication with two oil spills mounted on the snail.
  • The efficiency of the relay, as a result of advanced design and precise processing, efficiencies is extremely high and they reach up to 85% depending on the speed of rotation and the transmission ratio. Proper efficiency will be achieved after 30 hours of work at full load.
  • Starting overload, all gears are designed to withstand a starting torque of 200% for 15 seconds, 150% for 60 seconds, and overdrive of 125% appearing once a day for 1 hour.
  • Self-locking at rest, a snail gear is defined as having self-locking when it cannot be started to rotate by the output wave. Greenspan standard for self-locking ratio 30 degrees.

Complementary Products

  • Reinforced bearing in the output shaft to transmit larger radial loads.
  • Assemble the brake to an internal return to prevent rotation of the gearboxes in the opposite direction under the external load.
  • The spring-loaded safety brake train is electromagnetically released.
  • Assembling electromagnetically coupled between the electric motor shaft and the input shaft of the motorized coil gear.
  • Wave protrusions in special dimensions, central drills according to DIN 332.