Vertical pumps

The pumps division is engaged in providing pumping solutions to all industries (drinking water, wastewater, fuel, seawater, corrosive liquids).
The range of solutions offered by the division includes renovating existing pumping equipment, upgrading existing equipment (increasing pressure, increasing flow), or supplying new equipment
Tailored to customer needs.

The company offers repair, renovation, and upgrade services for pumping equipment based on an engineering team and a very professional and very experienced production team and floor in the field,
At his disposal are machining equipment, lifting and conveying equipment, the most advanced disassembly, and assembly equipment in the new plant, which includes a production floor of approximately 5,000 square meters.

The Company has the engineering capability to self-manufacture critical parts for customers in cases where the delivery times set for the delivery of these items are extremely long.

In addition, the company represents the American company “NATIONAL PUMPS LTD” in the field of vertical turbine pumps and can provide a wide range of solutions in this field.
The company has a warehouse of spare parts that allows for immediate solutions for this type of equipment.

The company also represents “ELSAN ELEKTRIK” in the field of hollow shaft type electric motors suitable for propelling vertical turbine pumps.
In addition, the company is currently working to expand the range of companies it represents in the field of pumping and in the field of electric motors.

The pump division of Greenshpon serves as a contractor for the renovation/upgrade of pumping equipment and a supplier of new pumping equipment to the largest pumping companies in the country, such as Mekorot, the Electric Company, the Navy, and a large number of water corporations, sewage treatment plants, desalination plants, and other various industrial plants.