Shaft Mounted Gearboxes

On-wave gearboxes from Greenshpon Engineering Ltd. are suitable for connecting components directly on the output wave, especially in places where there is difficulty in connecting a base or connection via a flange.

In carved gearboxes, the exit and entry axes are parallel to each other.

Greenshpon gearboxes from the SM series are suitable for work in many areas of industry
Such as conveyor belts, screw conveyors, stirrers, and more.

Technical data

Relay body – made of shock-absorbing gray cast iron. The body is rigidly polygonal to withstand the heavy loads.

Gears – beveled or twin wheels are made of nickel steel – chrome 15CrNi6 tempered and tempered for surface hardness 60 HRc. Sharpened with great precision at AGMA 11, ISO 6 level, ensuring long and quiet operation of the gearboxes.

Hinges – Hollow including Shrink Disk ensures fast mounting and disassembly of the gearboxon the hinge of the machine. Even in cases where there are severe corrosion conditions. The hollow hinges are honed at H7 endurance. The defects according to standard DIN6885 / 1.

Bearings – All hinges are supported by conical and ball bearings with standard freedom.
The bearings are capable of carrying radial and axial loads in combination. And
Lubrication and lubrication system for all gearboxes including standard breather.
The efficiency of the gearboxis up to 97% efficiency.

Complementary products

  • Uniform hollow axis
  • Hollow exit hinge with conical bushings