Gear pumps

Gear pumps are the most common pumps for hydraulic fluid power applications. These pumps are also widely used in chemical facilities for pumping high-viscosity liquids.
Gears pumps manufactured by Greenshpon are highly efficient and are designed for pumping liquids with viscosity and extremely high pressure in both directions.

All parts of the pump are precisely machined in small tolerances which provide overall efficiency and height and drying from a depth of 7 meters.
The production of gears in pairs for a pump and a high level of accuracy provides a particularly quiet work.
The capacity of the pumps is proportional to the speed, independent of pressure.
The pumps are built for pumping from any type of oil, for example, liquid oil, furnace oil, shielding oil, food oil, honey, asphalt, paints, tar, and more.

Technical data

  • The gearboxbody is made and made of shock-absorbing gray cast iron.
  • Beveled gears are made of molybdenum chrome steel and have high tensile strength.
  • The wheels are designed for the smallest number of teeth for the purpose of high flow.
  • The pump is made up of two opposing pairs for the purpose of eliminating axial forces.
  • Hinges are made of a material with high tensile strength.
  • Wave edges are sharpened to k6 endurance for diameters up to 50 mm. Wave edges for diameters over 50 mm
  • Sharpened to the endurance of m6. Rainfall according to standard 1 / DIN6885.
  • Bearings All hinges are supported by the highest quality smoothing bearings with standard freedom.

Complementary Products

  • The pump wheels and hinges can be manufactured from stainless steel material according to the customer’s requirement.
  • Assemble the brake to an internal return to prevent rotation of the gearboxes in the opposite direction under the external load.
  • The spring-loaded safety brake assembly is electromagnetically released.
  • Wave protrusions in special dimensions, central drills according to DIN 332 standard.