Electric Motor Repairs

Greenshpon Engineering Ltd. specializes in repairing and renovating vertical motors for pumping systems, horizontal motors for compressors, and more. The motors undergo a series of electrical mechanical tests.
In addition, we repair industrial generators, repair electromagnets of various kinds AC / DC, repair and winding motors for compressors (cooling houses), repair of DC motors for plastics plants, winding motors for submersible pumps, and more.

The motors division performs winding motors with winding coils (stator) wound with a corona CLASS F frequency regulator wire.

We use dipping varnish – double impregnation and epoxy resin.

Each engine undergoes mechanical testing and computerized dynamic balancing.

Engine rotation by SKF / FAG.

Greenshpon Engineering provides new engines in favor of replacing old engines up to 150HP and new vertical engines.

We are committed to providing professional service to customer satisfaction and meeting the requirements of ISO 9001.

Greenshpon Engineering provides a wide range of engine testing systems.
2000V leakage coil test for the body, test for windings and resistances, cage rotor test, mechanical tests, direct axis, dynamic balance test, and more.