Electric AC Motors

Greenshpon Engineering Ltd. markets AC motors and hollow axis vertical motors for vertical pumping systems.
We provide European engines with the highest quality and efficiency at IE3.

In the industrial world today there is great significance in choosing an electric motor that is supposed to operate at high intensity over time.

Our company has a professional team with extensive experience that can give an immediate answer to every request and requirement and adjust the right engine. We offer all our customers a wide range of products that meet all the most stringent standards and conditions.
We are committed to short delivery times and offer all our customers our services in repairing and winding electric motors.

Among our products, you can find several types of motors, aluminum motors and casting motors, explosion-proof motors, air-conditioning motors, flush-proof motors, and more.

Engine warranty – one year!

Greenshpon imports all the engines from the following companies:

ELK Motors