Company Services

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Specialises and has extensive experience in carrying out diverse projects.

Customised solutions
The Engineering team has extensive experience and Engineering abilities to analyse customer requirements and provide  solutions using the Turn Key Projects method.

Design and Development of Mechanical Systems for a variety of industries

Consulting, Planning, Development and Production of Mechanical Propulsion Systems for Chicken Coops, Pig Pens, Barns, Greenhouses and more.

Solutions in Water Systems

Repair and Winding of Electric Motors etc…

CNC Department

Performing subcontracting work from the planning stage, prototype execution to final execution including inspection, thermal treatments, coatings and required tests. Execution of external and internal defects. Internal and external inspection services on request.

  • Mechanical solutions
  • Specialisation in precise parts manufacturing
  • Leading CNC machining, engraving, milling, grinding and serration centers most leading in the field
  • Machines in the C.N.C engraving department Engraving ranges up to a diameter of 320 mm and a length of 900 mm.
  • Conventional machining centers with an engraving capacity up to a diameter of 800 mm and a length of 4000 mm.
  • A vertical engraving machining center (carousel) with a maximum machining capacity of outside diameter of 1680 mm and a height of 940 mm.
  • Milling machines 3, 4 axes vertical and horizontal.
    The department prides of the world’s leading technological machines from MORI-SEIKI, MAKINO HAAS.

Our factory has a professional team with extensive experience.
The products are manufactured with the highest level of accuracy and quality on the market.

Repair department

Gearboxes Repair

Greenshpon has been specialising in repairing gearboxes for over 65 years. The company has all the engineering knowledge and experience required to renovate and rehabilitate all types of gearboxes, in any size and type, with the highest expertise and professionalism in the market while providing warranty for the repair.

We work to serve the industry while providing a response as fast as possible with hard work, combining all the professionals and departments in the factory – engineering, QA, production, thermal treatment, procurement, assembly, finishing and delivery.

In addition to the repair process, our professionals can diagnose the cause of the Gearbox failure in order to achieve optimal results in its function .

Pumps Repair

The pump manufacturing division of Greenshpon Engineering serves as a contractor for the renovation / upgrade of pumping equipment and a supplier of new Custom Made Pumping equipment to the largest Pumping companies , such as Mekorot , the Electric Company, the Navy and a large number of water corporations, sewage treatment plants, desalination plants and various industrial plants.

The company offers repair, renovation and upgrade services for pumping equipment based on an experienced engineering team and a most professional production floor team in the field. In addition, we solve faults such as restoring pump accelerators, restoring the bell of large pumps and more… Ability to manufacture pump parts in renovation processes.
In our new factory, we have at our disposal CNC equipment, lifting and conveying equipment, the most advanced disassembly and assembly equipment that includes a production floor of about 5,000 square meters, so that everything happens under one roof at your service.

Electrical Motors Repair

The team of the Motor Department at Greenshpon Engineering Ltd. has extensive experience which provides AC / DC motor winding services in order to perform a general overhaul of the motor.
During the renovation we use insulation materials and motor winding material of the highest quality.

Manufacturer Warranty

Greenshpon gives full warranty when the use of the gearboxes is done in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, maintenance instructions and preventive treatments

  • Greenshpon products – 3 years
  • Imported products – one year
  • repairs – one year